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Oct. 27th, 2011





♫ Post with your character.
♫ Reply to other characters with songs that remind you of them or relationships.
♪ Please do not embed for those with slow connections or who dislike autoplay.
♪ Please, no direct DL links.
♪ Youtube is your friend.
♪ Lyrics are awesome, too.
♫ Profit!

Oct. 24th, 2011



(no subject)

If anyone has any questions regarding the events and settings described in our Final (mod run) Log" feel free to ask them here!

Oct. 21st, 2011




So, the RESCUE STRIKE FORCE DELTA team is getting to the point where they are going to be kicking Charger and Steve's derrieres and thus will be making contact with and freeing the hostages soon.

I am okay Kris was thinking that it might be a good idea to start a separate thread in the log for this, just to keep everything organized and non-squished by LJ's way of organizing comments. Does this sound good for you guys?

Oh and for that matter, tagging into the rescue log = optional if you'd prefer that? Just in case you are not feeling like it for whatever reason we can handwave your character being checked out for injuries etc.

Oct. 20th, 2011



Endgame Plot FYI

Hello Edensphere!

This is a quick announcement that we are going to start forward logging Cancer?/ Renée and Fugue/Remmy's final interaction today, and ICly date this to October 24th at noon. There will be one entry from Cancer? as well.

The log that is about to go up will NOT have reactions to the 1st and 2nd floors collapsing. That final log--the last mod initiated log of the game--will go up on October 24th. This log is only the final interaction between Remmy and Renée. It will be a log open to witnesses and will have a thread where people can interact with Fugue as well as a closed thread that will contain the final interactions between the twins. This will be explained in more detail in the log itself.

One final note, between now and the 24th, remember that all of the floors of Edensphere except for the Wilderness are falling apart. The rips in the Scavenger's Yard are increasing and the Tree is starting to look rather ill. The Wilderness in contrast is perfectly normal.

As always, thank you for your participation and enjoy the ride!

Oct. 19th, 2011



(no subject)

Hey y'all.
I'll be at Yaoicon this weekend. Company's coming tonight. I am not taking my laptop.
So just a brief con-atus then back into action.
I'll still be replying to tags tomorrow, but after that, peace out 'til Monday

This affects my terrible two-some: derp-Rabbit and cute Chibiusa.
don't destroy the fishbowl without me, kay?

Oct. 14th, 2011




The Final LogCollapse )

What happens next?Collapse )

LoggingCollapse )

It’s been a long and fulfilling ride, but after the that last sponsored log, the game will be officially over, and we’ll be leaving the further adventures of your characters in your capable hands. The communities will not be deleted, so please feel free to backtag for as long as you need!

Thank you for your enthusiasm, your drive, and your creativity over the course of the game. And we’d especially like to thank you all for your commitment and patience as we’ve worked out endgame details these past months.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your time here, and that you’re all able to bring your characters’ stories to a satisfying conclusion. The moderation team wishes you all the best, wherever you wind up. (But we know we’ll be seeing plenty of you around! We’re not going anywhere.)

- Ami, Fey, Jaina, Kikos, Kris, Mob, Scath and Shurimon



The way Edensphere happenedCollapse )

Oct. 8th, 2011



In search of a medic

Minor plot point, but does anyone want to volunteer to deal with the bittysamurai later this week? We don't have to log it (as I know, uh, I'm the only one that finds writing medical procedure logs interesting), but he's going to need some fluid drained from his chest and to learn that he's got like half a lung grown back XD

Oct. 7th, 2011



(no subject)


WARNING: This is a pretty big image.

Also, the original this was based on is here.

The inevitable consequence of Simon and Genius being friends....Collapse )
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Oct. 5th, 2011

Like shooting fish in a bowl.


The last of the Rescue Thread Plotting Posts.

Attention: All y'all who are either hostages, rescuers, or NPCs in the kidnap rescue post!

While the log is still on-going and probably will be for a while to come, I know many have other things they'd like to plot and play with, but it's hard to establish a character's exact mindset without knowing what went down. Welp! This post is meant to help with that. Do you have questions about what your character would run into? Would you like to work out what they'd say or experience when they run across a captive or see a certain scene? Would you like to figure out how the loose ends were tied up? Well, this is the place to plan it out.

So have at, lovelies! (And for reference, the old plotting post that kicked off this log is here)

Oct. 3rd, 2011



October Calendar

Hello everyone,

The final ES calendar is now posted, with our sincerest apologizes for it being several days late. As you can see, there are no 'events' so to speak, but instead there is a further continuation of Edensphere's metamorphosis. We can answer any questions you may have in the comments below.

We are still working on the details for the ending of the game and will post them as soon as they are ready. Also, just a quick reminder that last month's kidnapping and rescue logs are still ongoing so feel free to continue to tag them.

Finally, you guys have been very patient and awesome during this time and we all thank you!! Keep on rocking, Edensphere.

Oct. 2nd, 2011



Activity Check #85 (FINAL)

※ ACTIVITY CHECK: This is the 85th and FINAL activity check, covering from 8/28 - 9/30.

INACTIVE: The following characters have not passed for activity.

Copy and paste the following into the admin console.
REMOVE: (dropped)
-Cross, crownofsnow
-Tian, dragonking
-Senri, hanakioku

REMOVE: (inactive)

※ REMINDERS: This is the LAST ACTIVITY CHECK; as you can see above, everyone has been given a free pass! Due to the fact that the plot is wrapping up, in addition to Livejournal's continuing problems with downtimes, slowness, and delayed notifications, moderation chose to end activity checks and let everyone pass the final one without penalty. This gives all of our players more freedom and flexibility to continue backtagging and participate in any future game-ending logs without having to worry about passing a regular check.

Thank you to everyone for your participation in Edensphere.

※ UPCOMING EVENTS: Moderation will soon reveal the next part of the endgame plot. Keep an eye on the OOC comm for details!

※ THANK YOU. We greatly appreciate your participation~



What would your character's ideal ending be?

Though the real ending of ES has yet to happen, I'm sure many of us have pondered what kind of life our characters would like to go home to after their months/years in the Sphere and all the changes they've gone through.

Imagine that your character had the choice to do whatever they desired post-Sphere. Would they want to stay in Edensphere if they could? Go back to their home world- maybe bring their closest with them? Or leave their old life behind entirely and go to another world with their loved ones? Or perhaps what they want most of all is to just go back to their proper place as though ES never happened?

This is your chance to share! What would your character(s') ideal ending be after the Sphere falls apart? You don't have to go into detail/write prose, just a brief description is fine, too.

Sep. 30th, 2011

OOC: Ciao bella!, OOC: Gay or European?


(no subject)

What time is it?


Sep. 27th, 2011

the past is speaking


(no subject)


HELLO, SPHERIANS! Fey here, posting something that I believe this game sorely deserves: A love meme! As our time together draws nearer to its end, now is the time to express what we enjoyed about this experience and how much we have enjoyed writing with our fellow players. Many of us entered into this game years ago and found this place to be a constant, whereas others joined later to accompany its flight to the end. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed sharing this space with each and every one of you, and I'm sure many of you feel the same.

Here are the rules!

♥Post in the general thread to remember past events, wildernesses and more general memories
♥Post your own threads to receive love
♥Post in other threads to recognize their work, no matter how small

Now, I'd love it if everyone felt included, so I will encourage everyone to spread the love around with a great big shovel. Let's go out with a bang!

Sep. 25th, 2011


I faaail

I've been terribly scarce lately, and I apologize for that. I seem to have run out of muse for my characters, and I have promised myself to never, ever idle out of a game.

I will be dropping Amurui (there will be a blue bead in gray hair at his camp for Smoke) and Tian (his sword will be in his apartment, together with a forgotten piece of Souji's clothing).

I'll keep Jeep around, though, since I still have some drive for him. I apologize for not tagging the Medical kidnapping thread, though. Is it okay to handwave his almost-kidnapping and escape?

Sep. 23rd, 2011



(no subject)

Hello, everyone! Your mods are here once again to announce the commencement of Part II of the kidnapping log! We welcome feedback and player participation in this portion of the log, however there is a framework that we ask everyone to stick to so we can get to our desired conclusion.

In this log, Orca will instigate the second part of his plan to entrap Fugue and take over the sphere, and as a result three major characters will be meeting their ends. That's right, Locke, Orca and Fugue will all be meeting their untimely ends (although in Fugue's case, this will not be a permanent situation)! How will this happen? That part, at least, is simple. Locke wishes to stop Orca's plans in his tracks, but Orca wishes to keep them going.

Unfortunately, Fugue - although mortally injured - will not be overly fond of either of their plans and they will rediscover that they are hardly immune to the master of Edensphere. Like so many others, Orca and Locke will die by treeshanking. So sad!

Now, this is where you all come in. Where will your characters be in all this? Will they be making rescue attempts of their own? Will they capture or destroy the remaining three CPAers, Nothing, Charger and Steve? We want to make this as interesting as possible so let us know in the comments, and we'll try to let our NPCs go out with a bang. This next log will ICLy occur three days after the kidnapping log on the 26th, however back tagging will be inevitable.

Sep. 22nd, 2011

Like shooting fish in a bowl.


Attention All Abductees!

Hello, guys!

There has been interest expressed for a medium in which those who were kidnapped can react to being abducted. We have put up such a post here!

The way this will work is that people can do separate reaction threads, either just for their characters or for their characters and others they want to scene with. If you just want to do a one-shot with your character's thoughts or if you want to thread with someone specifically, just list as much in the title of your response. After some time has been given for initial reactions their captor, Orca, will reveal himself and monologue his intentions at them.

Please note that tagging into this post is not mandatory for those abducted, and more importantly, is NOT where the rescue effort will take place. For now, this is just for the kidnappees to mingle. A separate post for rescue efforts will be set up later (the mods are a touch bogged down with RL at the moment, but we promise the planning and explanation post for all that will be up as soon as possible).

Sep. 19th, 2011

A good cigar


(no subject)

Hello hello lovelies, fey here again regarding my recent post in the OOC comm! So pending anyone else deciding they want to hop in (which is welcome, btw!) and any changes, here are our teams:

1. Huo
2. Amber

1. Sky (leader of the attack)
2. Bell
3. Rabbit

1. Vimes
2. Brianna
3. Rain

And since this log is nearing the date it's actually supposed to be on, I'll list the consequences here as well. Again, please tell me to add on your dudes' injuries to the list if you've got 'em!

Bell: Knocked out bc of CRAZY NINJA STUNTS
Vimes: Scuffed up enough to land himself a fun week in makeshift medical, yay
The rest: Presumably scuffed up enough to make for a hasty retreat, but nothing serious.

If I'm missing anything, please let me know! For all involved, I have the beginnings of your logs up here. Thank you for your participation!

Sep. 15th, 2011



(no subject)

Hello, everyone! Fey here, and I'd like to propose a bit of a plot for this kidnapping shebang. I'll outline it in a second, but first I'd like to clarify that this plan is not compulsory for watch-muns, or anyone, really. If you have a problem with it or if it interferes with your plans, please, tell me! My main goal with this is to bring more people into this particular plot, and I'd love for people to be involved. If no one wants to be involved, then I'm perfectly fine with nipping it in the bud. Okay, here we go!

Proposed course of action: An oxen (or as Joan suggested, any other large animal that can cause a ruckus) is brought to Wellspring to charge through the monsters to get to the Clinic. This will be loud and disruptive and will both distract the monsters (and they HOPE) the kidnappers. Behind this oxen will be a light, covered cart as a feint.

While this is going on, one group will be approaching the Clinic from the back and the other will be going through the cleared path the oxen have afforded them.

This plan will be restricted to very few people - those who can assist with the animals (farmers, yo!) and fighters. If your character doesn't know Vimes, if s/he looks like a fighter and is just kinda bouncing around, we can fit him/her in And sorry, but no kids/kid-looking people will be allowed for this one, at least on Vimes' watch.

THEY WILL FAIL. So sad. They can be stopped by: A: Monsters or B: the kidnappers (pending moderator approval). Our characters may be strong, but a bullet in the kneecap is unfortunate for nearly everyone. If this plan goes through, this is where I want Vimes to go get scratched up ouch ouch ouch. The intention of this plan is to get the medics and the injured/sick out of there and into safety.


1. TIME. Is there enough time to do all this? Does this conflict with anything?

2. PLAUSIBILITY. Would they be able to figure out by that point that the Clinic is being targeted?

3. IS THIS GETTING IN ANYONE'S WAY? I know people more organized than I have made plans and I don't want to butt in.

4. INTEREST. Does this sound like an effective sort of strategy, and does it sound fun to all parties?

Oh, and one more thing (organization, what's that?). If y'all want to know what the Watch is up to during this whole fiasco, you can find out riiiight here. Thanks!

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